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Sapporo SOSEI Senior High School was established in order to
provide the complete education of each individual student.

Keep trying! You will open possibilities in the future!

Our idea of “TRY” comes from the frontier spirit of Hokkaido,
which was also the purpose of this school’s foundation.
We want you to try everything without fear and broaden
your future prospects.
We offer a lively yet orderly school environment and
balanced curriculum in order to cultivate well rounded young adults.

This school awakens the dormant abilities in every student and emphasizes the utmost development of their potential.

In these three important years of high school,
you will lay the foundation for the rest of your life.
Here you will have the opportunity to try many different things and choose your dream.

Sapporo SOSEI Senior High School will give you the support
to realize your own personal dream.

学校長 細野 敏